Gender diversity is a shell that hasn’t been cracked enough in Hollywood.

Women have been disproportionately recognized in the entertainment industry, with few women in director, cinematographer, and other leadership roles. Goldcrest Post had a chance to chat with Michelle Cameron, a producer for the film NANCY, and gain insight on how their team combated this trend.

Their goal was to employ as many women as possible on NANCY, working at all-levels from production assistants to directors and financiers, in the hopes that they’ll spawn great opportunities and set precedents for women. Michelle was quite frustrated with the industry and considered changing careers until working on NANCY, and the group’s mission began to formulate. Michelle mentioned that “for so many reasons, [director] Christina Choe’s intention was to tell a story of a female character that didn’t fit the Hollywood stereotype.” She teamed up with powerhouses like cinematographer Zoe White and producer Amy Lo to create a project that pushes a new, diverse narrative that “focuses on stories with strong, layered, albeit flawed female characters”.

Michelle spoke about the crew gathering process, explaining: “We have an opportunity to change how women are perceived in the industry. We were committed to have women in positions of power in the crew. So we brought a lot of women in, even if they were green, to help create a new narrative in the industry. It’s mainly an experience thing; it wasn’t hard to find badass women! And if we couldn’t find women we found people of color.”

This goal aligns perfectly with Goldcrest’s aspirations: to recognize and endorse projects with diversity in mind for women and people of color. Our own stellar team is stacked with wonderful women like Nicole Tessier, Gretchen McGowan, Devan Maura Saber, and Mary Ellen Porto and we emphasize working on projects like NANCY that push the envelope in pursuit of social change.

The team behind NANCY is ecstatic for Sundance 2018, as they’ll have a platform to permeate their message through the industry and advocate change. Michelle notes that their all-women dream team was completely different from anything she’s experienced on a crew before. “No BS, no egos; everyone was laser-focused on a common goal. It’s not about us. It’s about something bigger.”