I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Those of us on the east coast know the NY/NJ metro area has been one of the hardest hit places in the world by the Coronavirus, it has been tough but I am encouraged by the resilience and strength of the people as we flatten the curve and move toward recovery.

I am happy to report that everyone at Goldcrest is healthy and strong. We are all working remotely, the team is intact , productive and whole. We have kept the staff together and we are working on a variety of projects successfully and we continue to improve the remote process and workflow. We are ready and eager to take on new projects. We are hopeful that we can return to our facility soon but we are prepared to continue to service our off line, sound, color and deliverable clients in a secure, safe remote world for as long as necessary.

Hopefully everyone is dealing with their shelter in place as best as possible! My hair is approaching college days length and I am growing a beard (though I don’t think that will last). My head looks like a Chia Pet more and more every day! I look forward to the world starting up again! I wish you all continued good health and I so look forward to seeing you all in person soon!

Domenic Rom

Managing Director