Tristan Baylis
Mix Assistant

Tristan Baylis joined Goldcrest in 2015, and quickly moved from assistant to sound editor. He has over 30 credits to his name. Some of his favorite projects have included: Slumber (Maggie Q) and We’ve Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew (Louisa Krause, Aaron Stanford). Documentaries including: Armed With Faith (Asad Faruqi), Cradle of Champions (Bartel Bull), ACORN and The Firestorm (Reuen Atlas, Samuel D. Pollard), and the gay pride series for Google.

Tristan loves heading out in the field to gather boutique sound effects and ambiences; also test driving the latest software programs and plugins to create original sound content. Additionally, he loves helping out around the studio and works collaboratively with picture editors to ensure the best temp sounds are in place from the get go.

Recent Projects